Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris kelas VII Kurikulum 2013 Chapter 1 Good Morning, How are you?

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Sub Topic: Chapter 1 expressions of Greeting, Leave-taking, Thanking and Apologizing

I. Read the text carefully and answer the questions!

1.      Riri           : Andin, it’s time to go to sleep
Andin       : ......
a.    Good night                                          c. Good morning
b.    Good bye                                            d. Good  afternoon

2.      Mitha        :How are you, rina?
Rina          : .......
a.    Fine thanks                                          c. Bye , thanks
b.    Sure, thanks                                         d. See you

3.      Daughter : Let me help you to plant flowers, Papa!
Father       : You are so kind, dear. ...................................
a.       You are kind too.                              c. Have a nice dream
b.      Thank  you.                                       d. Good  bye.

4.      Mother     : Tony, did you break (memecahkan) a glass this morning?
Tony         :  ......, mama
a.       No problem                           c. It’s allright
b.      I’m sorry                               d. Good bye

5.      A  : I have to go to practice dance now........
B  :  See you too.
a.        Hi                                                     c. How are you?
b.      See you                                             d. Are you oke

II. Match the expressions in column A with the correct responses in column B!
1.      I think I should be going on my way now
2.      See you tomorrow, students.
3.      Morning, Candra. How are you?
4.      You are so kind. Thank you.
5.      I’m sorry. I broke your Calculator
a.       See you tomorrow, Sir
b.      My pleasure
c.       I should get going, too. Bye
d.      Don’t worry about it
e.       Morning, Anisa. I am very well, thankyou

III. Complete the dialogs based on these expressions!

1.      Expressions of greeting
A: Hello, how are you doing?
B: ____________________

2.      Expressions of leave-taking
A: ____________________
B: Nice to meet you, too.

3.      Expressions of thanking
A: Thank you very much
B: ____________________

4.      Expressions of apologizing
A: ____________________. I forgot to bring your dictionary
B: ____________________

IV. Rearrange the sentences below into a good dialog!

1.      Tika     : We are fine thank you. And you?
2.      Sucy    : Hi, Tika. Hello, Rendy. I’m Sucy. How are you?
3.      Tika     : Hi, I am Tika. This is Rendy
4.      Sucy    : I’m very well, thankyou. Nice to meet you
5.      Rendy : Nice to meet you too, Sucy


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  1. Ini mah conversation waktu aku masih sekolah mba

  2. Ini mah conversation waktu aku masih sekolah mba

  3. keren mbak, saya juga kebetulan guru bahasa inggris :)

  4. Cocok nih mbak buat ngajarin adeknya anin.. ^^

  5. Jadi ingat masa2 sekolah deh mbk :D

    Sewaktu klas 1 smp aku kalau ngomong Bahasa Inggris lucu banget heheee...(baca = jauh dari benar)

  6. thank you so much..di saat urgent ini membantu banget..ditunggu untuk chapter2 berikutnya ya kak...


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