Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas VIII Kurikulum 2013 Chapter 1 It’s English Time!

Senin, 30 Oktober 2017



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Topic Chapter 1 It’s English Time! “Attention, understand, opinions, and appreciation”

I. Read the text carefully and answer the questions!

Teacher            : . . . . Are we all ready to learn English?

Students          : Yes, Ma’am
a.       Do you understand                       c. I think so
b.      What do you  think                       d. Attention, please

 .      Teacher            : What about you, Ezzah? . . . . if we use English in our English class?
Ezzah              : Yes, we will use English in our English class
a.       Do you understand                       c. I think so
b.      What do you  think                       d. Attention, please

3.      Rendy : Your picture is . . . . ! I like the colour.
Nizam  : Thanks
a.       Bad           b. Beautiful                 c. Horrible                   d. Mad

4.       Teacher           :  . . . . ?
Student           : Yes, Sir
a.       Do you know what I mean?         c. Do you think
b.      You don’t understand                  d. Don’t you remember

5.      Student           : . . . . What is ‘attention’ in Bahasa Indonesia?
Teacher            : Attention is /perhatian/
a.       sorry          b. yes, please               c. Excuse me               d. really

II. Match the expressions in column A with the correct responses in column B!
1.      How do you feel about that?
2.      Excuse me, I wonder if I could trouble you...
3.      Do you understand what I’m saying?
4.      What an awesome project!
5.      Look what I’ve got here!
a.       Yes, please
b.      Really? Thankyou
c.       How Interesting!
d.      I feel that it’s the right thing to do
e.       I see what you mean


III. Complete the dialogs based on these expressions!

1.      Expressions of opinion
A: What do you think of your classroom?
B: ____________________

2.      Expressions of opinion
A: ____________________
B: In my opinion, smoking in restaurants is a bad things!

3.      Expressions of appreciation
A: Look at the painting!
B: Wow! ____________________

4.      Expressions of attention
A: ____________________. Can you tell me where the post office?
B: Sure. It’s near the Corner Bank

5.      Expression of understanding
A: ____________________
B: I do understand.

IV. Rearrange the sentences below into a good dialog!

1.      Jenna   : So, how was it?
2.      Hanna  : Oh, Hi Jenna. I’m quite sleepy now. I stayed up last night. I watched
  Spiderman Homecoming on DVD
3.      Jenna   : I didn’t like it. It makes me sleepy.
4.      Hanna  : It’s a cool film. The Spiderman was so lovely. What do you think about it?
5.      Jenna   : Hi, Hanna. How is it going today?

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