Third Day: Developing Students' Critical Thinking Skills and Reflective Teaching

Jumat, 04 Januari 2019
Camp SOAR 3 - Well, did you feel the title quite serious?
I thought about it too when I was reading the title. Okay, how can i develop studens' critical thinking skill? What is critical thinking? To be honest, I got a little bit confuse to about it. LOL.

Critical Thinking Skills

Just make it short, to do the critical thinking skill we can use a chart of Bloom's Taxonomy. Just look at this picture:

Then in our class, we can do it from the lowest level: remember. It is an activity to recall fact and basic concepts that already in our students' memory. After that, we can check if they understand by asking them to discuss, describe or explain. Next, make sure that they apply it. I mean they can use the information in new situations. While analyze  is the skill which shows them to draw connections among ideas. They can compare their answer perhaps and soon. After they analyze something, then they can make decision. Debate to each other which one is the best decision, and we are in the evaluate level. Furthermore, if they can design or produce new or original work that mean that they are on the highest level: create.

So, the important thing that we must remember is do not stuck on the same level for many years.
It is fine if we start from the beginner but being an expert is quite nice.

Actually, our students had apply this critical thinking skill in their life. You know that, they can make decision after analyzing something. Sometimes you see they are arguing too, right?

At this session, Candace as the facilitator did something interesting about what critical thinking is. She showed us a picture about a man (it is you) who is standing near the track switch while there is a train coming to the Y track. On the left track there is a worker stand at the track. On the right side, there are 5 people who stand at the track. You only have one chance to decide, are you going to save a man or them? Give your reason.

This activity could make our students try to make decision, argue, giving some reasons and etc. Then, that is critical thinking.

Unfortunately, if you got mad with my explanation about critical thinking why don't you just read this one

Reflective Teaching

Know Thyself - Socrates
The quote above tell us to know your self.

In the end of this session, I concluded that reflective teaching is an activity that we do after doing teaching learning activity. Then, how to do this?
First, you can documenting your teaching learning process in a video, watching it, taking some note about what do you need to fix and then you can modify it or eliminate it in the next class.
Second, you may have a college to observe your class. Ask him/her to tell you about how is your performance in class. Did you need something to change or not?
Last but not  the least, you can also ask your student to get written feedback about what did they feel after the class over. Are they happy? Do they don't like something? and soon.

We don't learn from experience... 
We learn from reflecting on experience -John Dewey-
After those two session, all of the campers have to promote about their school and town in School Poster Session. It was also great I can learned many thing from others, how to run an English Club at school, the activities, green school program, and many more.
We did it by walking around the class, looked at the others poster and ask them if we curious something about their school or town. In this session, we also had two best winner they are Dee and Jill. Their poster was so interactive and creative. Wonderful!

In the end of the day, we must do our first online reflection in google classroom and Ina have sent the reflection form, the campers task is to answer it. We will do this session everyday during the camp at 6 p.m to 7 p.m.

Okay fellows, that was our activity on the third day, don't forget to read previous day story and also the next day. See ya!

Second Day: Scavenger Hunt is So Exciting!

Kamis, 03 Januari 2019
Hi, guys. This is my story about Camp... SOAR on the second day, 3rd January 2019. So, I had a lot of experience here. Here we go!

Hi, Campers!

We did breakfast at 7 a.m and entered the class at 8 p.m. Then Ibu Memmy as the Director of the camp, told about the rules, introduced all the facilitators, English fellows, observers, support staff and counselors.

Memmy the Director loves reading Japanese comics.
Ina the Co-Director best in cooking delicious Kimchi
Don the English fellow, do the archery as his favorite sport
Rachel the English fellow too, can play Kolintang
Candace, also the English fellow, did a bike tour to China
Amy the last English fellow, sang duet song at Pesantren
Paul the facilitator, formerly want to be a dancer
Arey the support staff, broke her leg when fight with a boy
Boby the counselor can speak 5 languages (English, Indonesia, and the three others are regional languages. LOL)
Irene the counselor, affraid of cat but now she really loves cat

What an amazing introduction, right? We guess it actually. I was so surprised when they introduced their-selves by describing their first initial. Such as, Hi, I'm Miracle Memmy, Incredible Ina, Brave Boby, and soon. I thought we can imitate this in our classroom to help us easier remember the students' name.

Important Rules

Of course there are some rules. There are 4 actually. Memmy said that the campers must be punctuality (on time), safety, do the communication, and mindfulness of others. The another important rule is during the camp, we must SPEAKING ENGLISH ALL THE TIME.

Scavenger Hunt!

This was a fun activity. The campers did it in a group. There are eight planet groups So, I'm in Jupiter group. There are Arfi, Laily, Ira, and Mima too. While, our English fellow is Don. So, what did we do in this session? 

We must did 10 challenges. Took some photos or Boomerang video then posted in Instagram added some hashtags #campsoar2019 #campsoar2019challenge1-10 #reloarchipelago #campsoar2019Jupiter (my planet group name).

Well, just check the hashtag if you wanna see how fun it was. There are a lot of AIB photos of us. 😜 Maybe later, I'm going to post it on my Instagram account too.

Review Current Best Practices: Teaching 4 Skills

After did the scavenger hunt and posted it. We continued to the next session. Talked about best practices, at first I thought that it was a scientific papers. I'm totally wrong! Don and Amy told us how could we teach the four skills in the best way.

Amy said that we must prepare it well. We have to think what we're gonna do before, while, and after teaching. Then, what will the students do?

Yes, we must do it student centered, open minded, Active and Reflective.

These are some ideas that I got on this day.
In teaching reading material, you can do Paragraphs on the Wall. For example, you have a text that consist of 5 paragraphs. Then you cut it into five papers and stick them on the wall. You must make five questions too for the students. Give one question then ask pair of them to answer it by reading the pieces of the text on the wall. It was fun when we practiced it.

In teaching writing material, you can do Continue a Story. So you can tell the story first or ask the students to watch picture or video after that they should continue the story by their-selves. We can do it in a group too. Later, they can read their story and you can choose which group is the best one.

Or it can be like, you give them some pictures. People with their activities, do sport, hang out, family portrait or anything. Give them 3 or 4 minutes to see all the pictures then ask them to pick one picture they love. After that, you can divide them into pairs (count 1 to 16 if you have 32 students in your class) then the student who has the same number must be stick together and make a story based on the picture that they had. You can concern on their grammar, simple past tense for instant or just let them write the story. After they finished it, tell them to bring their picture into another group and just retell the story each others.

We don't have to teach reading only or writing. We can combine it. Make the class fun using English, that's the point!

Oleh-Oleh Bazaar

After those materials, at 5 p.m we had a super duper yummy session: oleh-oleh bazaar. All of the participant of camp SOAR must bring their traditional snack from their hometown. Yup, I brought Lempuk Durian, Bay Tat and Keripik Ikan Beledang. So, we had a lot of snacks. Even, I ate an insect snack from Laily-Yogyakarta. Oh, GOD! I also taste Sagu from Papua, Kue Tori from Sulawesi, Chocolate Mete from Kendari, and many more.

We really had fully belly. We also took many we-fie, chat to each others and become fatter together. Hahaha

Scavenger Hunt Result Show

Have you seen the photos in Instagram about the scavenger hunt? Camp SOAR 2019 challenge? Well, I suggest you to see it because the Jupiter team won the challenge! Wohoo!

Okay, that's all our activities on the second day. Pardon me if I missed something. Hope you enjoy it and don't forget to read my next post about the third day of camp... SOAR!

First Day: Welcome to Bali, Welcome to Camp... SOAR!

Rabu, 02 Januari 2019
I really excited when I received the email last month about Camp SOAR. Yup, I'm the lucky person because I can be one of participant in this program.

Haelah aku pegel ngomong Inggris :P


Jadi, Camp SOAR ini semacam training untuk guru Bahasa Inggris yang bekerjasama dengan US. Embassy, UI and some people from P4TK.

SOAR itu sendiri singkatan dari Student Oriented-Active-Reflective. Harapannya setelah mengikuti camp ini, semua alumninya bisa menerapkan pembelajaran dengan berpusat pada siswa, mereka aktif dan juga reflektif.

Camp ini akan dilaksanakan selama 10 hari di Plagoo Hotel Holiday, Nusa Dua Bali. Mulai tanggal 2 - 12 Januari 2019. Jadi, akan banyak sekali aktivitas yang dilalui.


So, I got my flight from Bengkulu on Wednesday 2nd January 2019 at 10 a.m. Then continue my flight from Soekarno Hatta Airport at 2.30 p.m and arrived in Denpasar, Bali at 5 p.m. After that someone from UI, picked me up. She is Ibu Arey. Next, I and another participant from Palembang, Pak Eko went to the hotel by a car that provided for the campers. We touched down the Hotel at 5.30 p.m. Did the registration, had dinner, and went to the room.


I got a room that consist of 4 people. So I met new friends here, they are Fia from Pekalongan, Pebri from Bali and Citra from Bandung. Yeay!

Well, I'm gonna tell you about the next day later.

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